Letter to Dannah Gresh

Dannah GreshI wrote this letter to author Dannah Gresh and am putting it here for your amusement.

Dear Dannah,

I’m hoping you will be able to help by donning an “advice to the lovelorn/Dear Abby” style hat!

I’ve read almost all of your books. I’ve hosted purity retreats based on “And the Bride Wore White.” But I still have questions, and concerns. As a divorced woman, with a somewhat checkered past (to say the least), I’ve had my share of sexual experiences. Some great, some not so great. I believe, believe, believe in the Bible, but I love, love, love sex. If I got married again, and my husband was NOT good, it would just be a disaster. I’m starting to date again, and I want to wait, but I don’t want to wake up after having a hideous honeymoon. What’s your advice? I feel like all the waiting is nice if you haven’t had enough experience to make an “informed decision.”

Many girls I’ve spoken with who’ve slept around have told me that they’ve never had a good experience (sad, but typical), even if they slept around during a time in their lives when they didn’t think it was wrong at all (so no guilt to contend with–at the time). Even in committed, Christian relationships, women are still complaining that men just don’t “get it.” And that’s what I’m supposed to wait for?

Would it be better to wait until menopause for me to remarry (it’s not that far away–I’m 46), just so I’m less inclined to think sex is that exciting, anyway?

I’m rambling… I guess I really am concerned.

Thanks, Cynthia

Notes to Sophia

Calligraphic inspiration, really!

Image by Søren Hugger Møller via Flickr

I’ve been chatting with Sophia on Skype while she’s studying abroad in Rome this semester. My parents were, initially, aghast at the idea, since they thought I was calling her on the phone and figured I was running up a bill in the hundreds of dollars every other day. So I took my computer over to their house and we’ve all talked to her. I guess it is pretty cool, if you think about it.

Video or not, every single time we talk, there’s something I forget to mention to her. (How utterly normal, and mom-like!) In the past, I would just text her. (Well, in the olden days, I would’ve just make some notes on an actual piece of paper with a pen or pencil! Wow, how quaint and old-timey!) But now that she doesn’t have her phone with her, I can’t text her, but I’ve discovered there’s a way to send SMS messages on Skype, so I just make sort of a running commentary of things, and she fills herself in when she logs on, before she calls.

I thought it might be interesting for people to see that my texts to her, despite the fact that she’s halfway around the world, don’t really differ that much from what they do when she’s here. They generally encompass the mom-style comments that I imagine go on all over the world.

  • What are you doing? How are you doing? (You know, “don’t forget to wear a sweater, take your vitamins, get a good night’s sleep, etc.”)
  • Here’s a good place to visit, if you haven’t already been there.
  • Don’t waste your money, it’s not growing on trees!
  • My various opinions about cultural expectations.
  • Duh moments, on my part.

So, for your unfettered amusement, here are my completely unedited texts from this morning:

I downloaded Google earth and “walked” from the Pantheon to your hotel! Cool! The hotel is MUCH smaller than I thought. I can see how doing business with Saint Mary’s is a good way for them to make steady money, aside from the tourists. It’s crazy how the streets are so narrow! People here would freak. Not to mention the fact that everyone is walking!!! What would people here do?

Here’s the closest yarn store, according to my estimates:
Canetta Srl – Filati
Via 4 Novembre, 157
00817 Rome, Italy

It’s just a little farther away than the Pantheon, except east, rather than north. So easily within walking distance. Like two blocks from Trajan’s column, which you should see, if you haven’t. It’s the basis for what calligraphers use for “Roman” lettering. I’ve only seen pictures of it, but it’s amazing. I learned to do “Trajan Capitals” when I studied calligraphy…. for some reason, I was thinking it was in another part of the country… Honestly, I keep forgetting that Rome has WAY more to it than just Catholic stuff.

Reading over it, I do have to laugh… Yes, she’s buying some sock yarn for me (well, for me to make her socks), since I told her most of the yarn I use is actually imported from Italy. I was “looking” for the store using the street view in Google earth (why I didn’t think of that before now is beyond me), and “wandered” by a couple of famous things (well, more than a couple!), which prompted me to ask if she’s already seen them or plans to.

And honestly, maybe it’s just because Catholicism is just such a major part of my life, but I keep thinking that all the “Roman” stuff is…uh…somewhere else! What am I thinking?

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Ambivalence reigns supreme…

The Dating Game

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I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but I registered for an internet dating site. http://www.catholicsoulmates.com/home.do Good Lord, what will this bring. I’ll keep you posted. For those of you that actually know me, why don’t you visit and look at the profile and see if there’s anything I’ve left out that seems critical. For those of you that don’t really know me that well, why don’t you visit and learn more. Looks like a lark.