Good Grief, Long Time No Post

Well, it doesn’t help that we don’t have the internet at home anymore, and the town library has relocated (during its renovation) to a place that’s not really within walking distance, and the car isn’t very reliable. But, hey, I’m making an effort, right.

I’ve been looking at some new holy card pictures while I’m out on the web. I have almost 8,000 images of holy cards on my home computer. Some aren’t very good quality, but it’s interesting to see the progression of artistic style (or the lack thereof).

Also, lately, I’ve been making a screen saver of slides of the images with captions that are like a prayer. Before, I just had the images flash across the screen, but my daughter complained that she had just no idea who most of them were.

So this is just a sample.

In some way, it’s almost like praying as I see them drift across the screen. The print is large enough to read from a distance, but since I wrote all the captions myself, I already know what they say. I recognize the images from my collection, at least, and now Sophia has a chance to learn who these virtuous models are.