2 thoughts on “We made it through the rain

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful affirmation. there has been much “rain” in your life lately, and I am believing you will make it through that as well as you did this.

    Your openness, your vulnerability…these are precious things, which draw me again and again to your blog. This is one reason I selected you to nominate for a Sunshine Award – to bring some light to disperse the cloudiness hanging over you. Once you get back on an even keel, stop by and check it out, you deserve it.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

      While I have been through a lot this season, I refuse to lose hope. I refuse to believe that this cannot be redeemed. I refuse to give up.

      I remember reading once that when faced with two options, choosing the more difficult of the two is always the best. So I’m not quitting on this hope thing. I just won’t.

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