Five Minute Friday: Last

Antique Cobbler's LastsI have nothing to say, but I’m writing anyway.

Last. What am I to make of that?

Last place? Last in line? Last to get married? Last one to know? Thought it’d never last? 

Losers are the ones that come in last, and I’m feeling like a loser.

I shouldn’t, but I am.

I did nothing wrong, and that’s how I know I’m right.

So why am I feeling bad?

Guilty of no real wrongdoing. Knowing that. Still feeling like a loser. God is good. I’m glad I know. It was a learning experience. I will survive the loss. I’m better off.

I didn’t want to blog about any of this. Why? Because I felt ashamed. Stupid. Like a loser. And then I remembered my word for this year was unashamed. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. My head is lifting. My shoes are not scuffing the ground. I’m not in bed anymore. No more tears. None.

Thus, the last will be first… (Matthew 20:16a)


What’s Five Minute Friday?

A blog-prompt project dreamt up by LisaJo Baker, which you can read about here. The basic idea is that you spend five minutes of writing, generally unedited (I correct typos, WAY too OCD not to do that), on a prompt that she provides just after midnight via a tweet, then spread the word, and link up. Interested? Join up. Enjoy a delightful assortment by clicking on the picture to the right.

Today’s Five Minute Friday selection is also here!

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Last

  1. I love how you relate so honestly and then end with an uplifting note. I’ve had to get the monkey of shame off my back also, and now it seems he just can’t stay on for the ride anymore.

  2. Thank you for your post. I just wrote my first five minute Friday post today. I was scared to publish my words, but I’m glad I did, and I’m glad you did too. 🙂

  3. O.K. I love this very much. Very, very much. I like the style you wrote it in. And, also, I’m glad you are not in bed anymore. It’s so much nicer to be up and out side where most of it is happening.

  4. I grew up with
    My family and society pounding it into my brain that I was a loser
    They just needed some one to stand on because they couldn’t reach any higher on thier own
    I learned that I could stand up on my own and reach higher just being my self……. I am not a loser ….. Perhaps by societies standards but not by mine. I hurt no one.
    I respect when it’s earned
    I’m a friend when it’s earned
    I love when it’s earned
    I have loyalty when it’s earned
    I will honor you when it’s earned
    I do this because I work to earn what I give of myself
    NOTHING…… Worth while comes free cheap or easy. Put your interested in doing what God wants us to do. It’s simple. As long as you hurt no one intentionally how can you be a loser.
    Oops got to rambling

  5. Thank you for putting this down, hammering one more nail in shame and remembering your word (your hope?) for the year. I hope you feel not the least bit last by the comments here. We are all thankful for it.

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