Five Minute Friday: Present

The Chinese character for mindfulness means bringing the heart into the present moment.Being fully present, fully alive to the moment, is the only way to really live.

When I give myself the present, that awareness, that mindfulness, I am also giving myself a present. It is only during this moment that I can be fully appreciative of the things surrounding me. This is the time for gratitude. Right. Now.

This is the moment. And this is the moment. And this is the moment.

I am writing this now. I did not write it yesterday, when my life was different. I cannot write it tomorrow, when my life will be different. I can only write it today. In the present. The present which is my present to myself, if I choose to unwrap this moment and fully live it.

And I so want to. I am alive right now and in this moment, this present moment, I am living and breathing. I am smelling the incense on the altar, and seeing the glow of the candle. I am hearing the hum of the fan and feeling its light breeze across my skin. I am seeing the sunlight casting misty shadows as it falls on the bed through the sheers. I am brushing my hair away from my face and typing this post.

I am alive. As this moment I am present.

Are you?


What’s Five Minute Friday?

A blog-prompt project dreamt up by LisaJo Baker, which you can read about here. The basic idea is that you spend five minutes of writing, generally unedited (I correct typos, WAY too OCD not to do that), on a prompt that she provides just after midnight via a tweet, then spread the word, and link up. Interested? Join up. Enjoy a delightful assortment by clicking on the picture to the right.

Today’s Five Minute Friday selection is also here!

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Present

  1. Can’t get enough of this post and your blog. Lately, I’ve loved opening my mind more to this practice of noticing the present moment – it is so grounding and rewarding. Although, in no way is it easy. Thank you for the pingback to my blog.
    Great idea for Five Minute Fridays.

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