La Dolce Vita

Happier Than Bird French FryNo telephone psychic, no gypsy fortuneteller, no prophet of Biblical renown could have predicted it.

What? (No, not the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date!) Just how wonderful my life is now that I’m on Lithium.

I realized it when walking home from the psychiatrist this afternoon. Ambling along in all the beauty of an early summer day in Milwaukee; idly munching some veggie focaccia from The Breadsmith. I have the Most. Wonderful. Life. Evah! It’s almost hard for me to believe that I wrote the posts I did when I was depressed. It’s just that good.

My doctor is cautiously optimistic. I think this is the wise attitude. But oh, my! How can it get better than this? All the happy pleasure of life, none of the self-aggrandizing narcissism of mania. I love it.

I think it’s about to get better.

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