T is for Thinking

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Things I’m thinking of:

  • Whether I’m more of a help or a hindrance to my daughter in her last two weeks of school
  • Whether getting back on medication will enable me to continue my education
  • What I’m going to do in the next several months
  • What I’d like to plant for flowers and other gardening
  • How long it’s going to take me to weed through my bookshelves and boxes of books and how much I can get rid of
  • What the possibilities are for summertime activities, given budgetary constraints



A to Z April Challenge 2013I’m participating in the Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge! Read about it here.

One thought on “T is for Thinking

  1. I wonder whether I should try once again to get the dishwasher repaired or whether it is time to bite the bullet and buy a new one. Ditto with the washing machine and the woodchipper. I wonder whether renovating the attic to create some storage space is cost effective and whether that renovation should include installing HVAC and skylights (to create something that could also be used as living space for the kitties). I wonder how big a barn I would need to store my tools and lawn care equipment. I wonder if the extramural funding model at NIH will change such that a typical grant application feels more like a research plan and less like a lottery ticket. I wonder whether the consistency between the results of my personality testing this year and in 2011 indicates that I am essentially incapable of meaningful change.

    As for your thoughts, Pioneercynthia, here are my suggestions:
    1. Can’t help you with this one. Have you asked your daughter?
    2. Can’t help you with this one, either. You probably need to see how you respond to the meds before you can make that decision. By the way, have you considered MOOCs?
    3. Gardening and sorting through your books and bookshelves sound like good places to start.
    4. What’s your gardening space like? If you have shady areas, I love impatiens (in a variety of colors). For sunny spaces I love tomatoes.
    5. I cull my collection of books every summer – typically about the time that I finish the books I received the preceding Christmas. I take that opportunity to update my catalog and rearrange the books on my shelves. It takes about a month of evenings and weekends. I typically cull 80-90% of the books that I obtained in the previous year. That probably tells you something about the timeliness of my purchases – lots of $1 specials at flea markets and antique stores.

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