E is for Enough


Table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Same stuff, different day. I’ve had enough.

Some days are harder than other days. Some days are easier.

“There is nothing that surprises me any more.” I say that, even though it’s not true. It’s not true because I am constantly amazed—sputtering with amazement, in fact—at how people are mean to each other, at how people treat each other with contempt, at how people seem to honestly believe that there are some other people who don’t really qualify as actual humans. I’m just as guilty. Really. Catch me behind that obviously misguided driver who doesn’t believe the no left turn sign really does apply to him or herself.

Can we have a day, will we reach a day, when enough is enough? When we finally realize that we all deserve a seat at the table. The same table. (Not like at family gatherings where there’s a kids table.) No, we’ll all sit at the same table. I’ll pass the green bean casserole to you, and you’ll pass that whatever-kind-of-ethnic-dish-you-have to me. And we’ll eat together.

Until we’re satisfied. Then, that will be enough.


A to Z April Challenge 2013I’m participating in the Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge! Read about it here. Yes. I missed yesterday. Sorry. I’ll do better today. I’ll write TWICE!

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3 thoughts on “E is for Enough

  1. Thought-provoking, and wonderfully counter-intuitive…human nature is never satisfied, we always want more; so the idea of “enough” must come from God, thanks for the reminder!

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