Five Minute Friday: Bare

5-minute-friday-1Nothing. That’s what it is. Nothing. There’s no leaves, no flowers. Just the bare limbs outlining the sky like scribbles on a blank page, left there from when a toddler got ahold of the pen.

I feel like I have nothing to offer. There is nothing left in me.

There’s an old Zen story about how a student went to ask about meditation, and while in consultation, the teacher began to pour tea in some waiting cups. The student went on and on, gesticulating wildly about meditation and what its purpose was. During this discourse, the teacher continued pouring tea, until all the cups overflowed and tea began to wash over the side of the table. Feeling his robe grow damp, the student began to shout at the teacher, “Old man, what are you doing? Can’t you see that you’re pouring too much tea?”

“Ahh… so I am. And so it is with you, my friend. You are already so full of ideas, that there is no room left for learning. If you were empty, then you could learn something.”

Chagrined, the student realized the error, and wisely, shut up.

Does my bare emptiness mean I am ready?


What’s Five Minute Friday?

A blog-prompt project dreamt up by LisaJo Baker, which you can read about here. The skinny is that you spend five minutes of writing, generally unedited (I correct typos, WAY too OCD not to do that, and set up links), on a prompt that she provides just after midnight via a tweet, then spread the word, and link up. Interested? Join up. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Bare

  1. Beautiful 🙂 I’m glad you dropped in so that I could read this.

    Oh yes, emptiness is readiness… I will take that.

    I’ve often heard that when you are “rich” (read:full), you have no need for God (or anything new), because you believe that you already have all that you need. Hunger, desire, caused by an empty inside, causes you to seek after something more.

  2. I heard a message by Timothy Keller on being poor in spirit. It rocked my world. He said you can never be saved as a middle class Christian, coming to Christ as good enough. If you think you have anything to offer, you haven’t reached the point of grace. It was really challenging and also very encouraging for me in the times (often) when I felt there was simply nothing left in me. Praying your empty is just the beginning, friend.

  3. Love that kind of wisdom, especially when it gets me thinking. Loved that Zen story. Loved your post. Love that OCD makes you correct typos too. And I think you’re ready indeed.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the Spouseisms page.
    I’m wondering if the Lord isn’t emptying me of me, so that he can fill me with him, sometimes. Ya think?
    God’s best to you.

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