One of “Those” Days

Because  I said so, that’s why.

After a weekend out of town, I was all prepared to be a veritable font of creativity this morning. Until the sneezing set in, that is. My allergies have no seeming rhyme or reason and I have this admittedly quirky idea that once I go to a doctor I’ll have admitted that whatever is making me sneeze exerts a real power over me. (As if being virtually confined to my bed and/or fearful I’ll wet my pants in public from sneezing is somehow the kind of “fake” power usually exhibited by overweight mall security guards.)

I prefer writing in the morning, but that’s also when I “prefer” sneezing. I’d say that makes me a morning person, but I don’t think sneezing ranks very high on most Seven-Habits-style lists of “Contributing Factors Associated With Executive Productivity.”

Maybe tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “One of “Those” Days

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