Wake Up Call

In a bit of a different twist, I’m lying here in bed, listening to Paul breathe. I can’t believe he’s not awake yet; it’s almost 9:45.

I’ve been up since before 8:00, having attended to a critical phone call that I was equally surprised and delighted to have received. Surprised because it’s New Year’s Eve, and so many places are closed. Delighted because it wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I had expected and now it’s behind me.

Herein lies one of my greatest problems. I tend to avoid things that I imagine will be problematic. Lots of people do that. I understand it’s quite normal. I tend, however, to take it to ridiculous extremes, even knowing that I’ll probably be sorry later and sometimes in spite of direct evidence to the contrary. In all honesty, I cannot remember a single time when confronting any challenge that I had mentally magnified into something resembling the horror of imminent execution by guillotine preceded by a fifty-yard walk from the tumbrel that it turned out to be anything more painful, in reality, than running into a door frame, and probably less than that. Why do I do this?

It’s time to get up.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. I do that as well. Maybe next time I’ll try to picture the bearable pain of running into a door frame to help. That is a good idea. Plus, I am a super klutz so it will be an easy feeling to think of since it actually happens a lot.

  2. As you so perceptively pointed out in a subsequent post, so much of life is simply about “showing up”. The trick, as you point out here, is getting yourself to do that.

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