My Pleasure In Creases

Iron love...or is it lust?

Ironing, what’s not to love? Almost instant gratification that lasts longer than a dinner party! Hooray! (Of course, if I had this adoring swain by my board, I might engage in it a bit more often!) There’s nothing like the warm smell of linen, and the hiss of the steam as it puffs from the sole plate (Maybe it should be called the “soul” plate?), not to mention the satisfying feeling I get from seeing the wrinkles disappear from underneath my gliding hand. Ahhh…bliss.

Now that the weather is getting hotter, I’m trying to get more of it done early in the morning when it’s still pretty cool. Otherwise, it can get a tad warm. Fortunately, the mornings are still quite cool. So, I’m doing all the linens as I come across them in the unpacking. By linens, I do not mean sheets. (There is a limit.) I’m talking table linens, dresser scarves, and the like.

2 thoughts on “My Pleasure In Creases

  1. Do you get the same thrill out of other domestic chores? I love taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them away. Likewise, I love folding laundry and putting it away. I love cutting the lawn, too. These chores give me a sense of accomplishment that I frequently don’t get from my hamster-on-the-wheel work responsibilities.

  2. Well, perhaps not the whole sheet but how about just the top edge, so that when you pull it up to your chin you have that nice smooth edge next to your face? And of course, the pillow cases, how nice to rest one’s head on a nicely ironed pillow case. And then blouses; I iron all my summer blouses in the early spring so they are crisp the first time I wear them, after that it’s too hot to bother but that first time is wonderful. And dish towels; a nicely ironed dish towel looks so nice hanging in the kitchen and I think (probably just my fancy) that they dry the dishes more efficiently when ironed. And my husband’s handkerchiefs. Gotta admit ‘tho’, I gave up using dresser scarves some years ago, I just got tired of fussing with them.
    Guess I’ve become more domestic as I’ve aged, I used to tell people that the only reason that I had an ironing board was ’cause I quilted.

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