Around and About

Great food and atmosphere.Despite a brisk wind and a temp of 23° (-5° C), Paul, Lindsay and I walked the six and a half blocks to the excellent Milwaukee institution Beans and Barley this morning for lunch. Excellent Pesto Lasagna for me, Paul got one of their legendary It's a great store!burritos and Lindsay had the egg salad with sprouts. Excellent  fortification for braving the wintry walk back, though we did stop at Whole Foods for some staples, since I decided I wanted to make bread this afternoon, a decision that seems to always be seconded, no matter where I am.

Reversible Knitting by Lynn BarrOnce I put the bread in the bowl for the first rising, and knowing it would take at least two hours, given the temperature of his (soon-to-be our?) kitchen, Paul and I decided to walk to Boswell Book Company (yes, another half mile each way—we’re no wimps!) to check out the selection for some holiday gifts. They’re not late, because I don’t give gifts until Epiphany anyway.Kilvarock Kilt Hose

I was fortunate enough to receive (a big thank-you to Paul) a book I’d had my eye on for a while. Reversible Knitting by Lynn Barr. I wonder what I’ll make first. Well, the first thing to finish is the kilt hose I’m making for Paul. Such are the labors of love.

4 thoughts on “Around and About

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun. I need some pesto lasagna! 🙂 I learned how to knit a few years ago, but only got as far as making some scarves. I always wanted to make some of those fingerless gloves. I need then, now, since I spend at least four hours every day walking dogs!

  2. Well you got your exercise in today, didn’t you? I wish I lived close enough to places like that to walk to them…silly me, I live on the edge of town because I like the country feel to the place…oh well, guess that’s why we have cars…

    • One of the nicest things about Milwaukee is though it’s obviously an urban area, I don’t need a car, and lots of things are within walking distance.

      I really have nothing against driving. What I have a problem with is that so many people who live in the country drive All The Time. It’s not just the drive to work, it’s the drive to the store, the drive to go out, the drive here, the drive there. I know people who make trips Every Day. To me, that’s silly. Get an errand day and stick to it.

      After walking home, we realized we didn’t get the onion we needed. So, it’s just going to wait ’til the next time. I had no intention of heading back out in this weather. But I know WAY too many people who would’ve just hopped in the car (or Back in the car) and gone to get it. I’m not cool with that.

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