After the Storm

Not my front yard--but looks like the kitchen!

Image by Abu-Edrees via Flickr

I don’t think it matters whether you’ve had a hurricane, or just been depressed for a while, but after the storm is over, there’s a lot of picking up to do. Some of the debris is physical (dishes to wash, laundry to fold, clutter to be cleared), and some of it is mental (apologizing, making amends, trying to get people to trust you…). I’m not sure which is worse.

My regular depressive cycles are troublesome enough, since I have almost one week of despondency, and then a week of sheer coma-like inactivity. Every month! But when I have a particularly bad spell, like this most recent one, where I’m really bad when I’m “scheduled” to be good, it’s even worse.

It continues to amaze me how bad things can get when I’m depressed, and how incredibly difficult it is to make a lot of headway when I’m feeling better. After all, no matter how bad I’m feeling, I still manage to wear clothes and eat something, so the dishes and laundry just keep piling up, regardless of how I’m feeling. (Note to self: Investigate eating off paper plates in the nude!) And I don’t like to do dishes even when I’m feeling good, so you can imagine how bad it is. Frankly, I’m still wading through a slough of housework that’s months old. It really does make the phrase “two steps forward, one step back” come vividly to life, in 3-D (with Smell-O-Rama!) Except there are definitely some months where things are “two steps forward, two steps back,” and this month is more like “coming from a few steps back, will she ever make it forward?”

I’d just love a maid for two weeks a month! Any takers?

Housework is not easy at the best of times, but if I can make it through the next couple of weeks, I’ll be way ahead of the game.

5 thoughts on “After the Storm

    • Yeah, cats and dust bunnies, they just go together!

      I probably do have PMDD, but the treatment is an off-again/on-again round of anti-depressants, and I wasn’t getting a lot of help from that. (One of the “New” ones is actually just Prozac, but repackaged under a new name–hey, way to keep it from going generic!)

      I just don’t see how that is supposed to work, given the nature of SSRI’s…?

      Sophia leaves the 20th! She’s totally psyched, and we’re totally broke! We’ve underestimated expenses…aarrgghh!!!

  1. Maid service? What’s that? I applaud the fact that you recognize what you’re going thru and doing what you can to combat it…all we can do, in any situation, is our best. Hugs to you….

    • Thanks for the hugs! I can always use that.

      Sometimes I do feel like it’s all I can do to just eat something…anything. But MAN, it’s rough to slog through the debris.

      I’ve got a lot to do. Thank GOD the mood has lifted, and so I’m making headway… slowly…

  2. I know what you mean. I get in these moods where nothing gets done, everything piles up, and as soon as I’m out of my mood and ready to do something about the piles of stuff, I get sooo overwhelmed and slide right back into my depression….anyway….Lots of love and light your way. ❤

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