Grinding along…

Long Road

It’s a long, weary road, and I’m sleepy and I don’t want to write. I feel depression coming on like something in the distance that you can’t make out yet, but you’re pretty sure you know what it is. I know it’s coming, because it’s like watching a horror movie and there’s something in the next room and the heroine just has to go in there for something, and the theater is full of people screaming, “No, no, don’t open the door!” But she always does…

I’m supposed to go visit family today and I totally don’t want to. But I will anyway, because that will help.

I’ll write about that later.

5 thoughts on “Grinding along…

  1. I know….it seems the things we really don’t want to do are the things we most need to do….get out, see your family, and try to feel better soon. ❤

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