Confidential: Kitchen Chaos

She doesn't look too thrilled.Entropy is one thing you can always count on…

Just last week, the kitchen was looking dreamy. All spic and span, and ready for whatever I had a notion to whip up. Ahhh, bliss! Kept up with the daily duties. Prepared interesting foods. Lovely. Today it’s a different story. There’s dishes in the sink and dishes in the drainer. Various fruits and veggies are lying in piles, waiting for attention, with bread and pastry threatening to spill out from bags and baskets. All sorts of things are under the table, on the table, and next to the table. The counters are trashed!

How does it happen so fast?!? Amazing…not in an awestruck way, but in an astonishment way. How can not doing kitchen chores for, like, two days result in a kitchen environment that resembles some kind of hurricane/tornado/earthquake aftermath?

This is what happens when I forego doing these all-too-necessary chores to concentrate on clearing up the clutter in another room. Obviously, I have to find a balance, but it’s really hard when I get super motivated to tear into a big messy area and am determined to restore some kind of order to it…today! (Or maybe by tomorrow… Monday?) Once I get started working in one area of the apartment that really needs it, I don’t like to interrupt my flow to do something else, because then it’s hard to get back to this urgent project. (Although it certainly didn’t seem too urgent Maybe I need a husband to help!just a couple of days ago.) But if I don’t maintain the everyday tasks, like doing the dishes and picking up, then things get out of control and I don’t like to face them.

This is an ongoing battle for me. Some days I don’t want to face it, and other days I am certain that I can win it, only to find that I’ve overlooked something completely different. I want to feel positive, but the things staring me in the face don’t look very positive.

I once read how I should be thankful that I have dirty dishes, because that means that we have food to eat. Thankful for dirty laundry, because that means we have clothes to wear. Maybe I’m getting tired, but I’d rather just go naked than do another load of whites.

Naturally, tomorrow is Sunday. Hardly a day I feel like devoting to a slew of increasingly unpleasant household chores.

7 thoughts on “Confidential: Kitchen Chaos

  1. I know how you feel. Spent the bulk of the day dealing with three weeks of laundry. Tomorrow I have to fire up my saws and take care of some windfall. Thank goodness my neighbor is going to shred the limbs into mulch. Of course, that creates yet another chore – spreading the mulch!

  2. Three weeks of laundry!!!? What’s with that? I know you’re a big overachiever, if I remember correctly, so you probably have a lot on your plate. I mean, I’m keeping house for two right now (since Sophia is working from 8-14 hours a day to fund her trip to Rome this fall), so obviously I don’t have anyone to help me. But you’ve got a wife, right? Do you have kids? What does everyone else do at your place?

    Let’s not even get started on how I never feel like I have enough energy. I marvel at people who work full time and keep up their house and have church activities and homeschool, etc.

  3. “Maybe I’m getting tired, but I’d rather just go naked than do another load of whites.” It certainly helps to feel you have a choice. Our youngest son does choose to go naked around the house and garden – saves washing a lot of stained clothes. And you sound like you need a deserved rest and self-care! This is my agenda for myself today 😉

    • What is it with men and going around naked? Caveman flashback or something? Of course, if my lawn were fenced in, I might do it myself! Ha!

      I am going to take it easy today, since it’s Sunday! This apartment building is certainly not going to fall down around us if I wait until tomorrow.

      (This is wild, but I just started reading your blog LAST NIGHT! Just about the time you were posting…You are one amazing lady. I’ve downloaded some things from your site and added you to my links.)

  4. I have a to do list as long as my arm. That’s on top of the regular dishes-laundry business that seems to suck up so much of my time. I keep telling myself TOMORROW I WILL SO KICK ASS AND GET THIS PLACE LOOKING AWESOME. But, you know, it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s nearly impossible with the kids here. Big sigh.

  5. I know, I know. Even with a daughter around it doesn’t help. I had SO envisioned the “Mommy’s Little Helper” thing when she was small, but you know, those days are long gone. She’s a great helper…when she’s not at her job! Ha!

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