It Happened Again!

Smart_&_Sexy_Profile Retouch with CaptionIt always does. Not that I didn’t suspect it, of course… It was my birthday! And you know, for a woman that just turned forty-six, I look pretty damn good! Must be genetics, because I could do a lot more in the watching my weight and maintaining healthy eating habits. So, as the old Pantene advertisement says, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”

What a busy day. First, hopped out of bed and started to check what, over the course of the day, amounted to over fifty Facebook messages, which is the most birthday greetings I’ve ever received. Yay!

In between all that, collected water in various containers to save for when it’s not raining, so I don’t have to draw it from the tap. Then went to the food drop off, had lunch at Applebee’s with my delightful daughter, then took her to work and came home, where I stopped at Schlemmer’s Hardware to pick up my birthday present, garden cartwhich a friend bought me: a garden cart! I had to walk it home, because it was too big for the car, then walk back and pick up the car. A couple miles, so it was good exercise. Fortunately, the rain had stopped. Then I came back to the apartment, where I fooled around on the computer playing games that utterly wasted my time (though it was fun!), answered some e-mail, and finally drove to pick up my daughter from work at 11:00 pm. By then I was exhausted. But I came back and checked some more messages, then finally hit the hay at 12:30 this morning.

Great day!

4 thoughts on “It Happened Again!

    • You are so kind! Yeah, the cart is great. I got a bike lock and attached it to the post that holds up the balcony. Shy of cutting it down or taking apart the cart, I don’t think anyone can take it now. School let out today and I was afraid some of the kids in the complex would want to play with it.

  1. How DID you take that picture on a day that hasn’t arrived yet? Cheating on pictures ahead of time? 🙂

    • Oh my! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that the date was wrong. I just changed it. Now no one will know what we’re talking about!

      Okay, what we’re talking about is that the caption originally said that I took the picture in 2011, when it should’ve said 2010!

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