Where is the sun?

The Sun

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I turn off the heat in the apartment at the beginning of May, because I find it ridiculous to do the heat-at-night-but-not-during-the-day dance. It seems sort of offensive to have to pay for heat when it’s no problem to just throw on another blanket during the night.

But here it is, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and I’ve got a heavy winter sweater on during the day because it’s only 50 degrees out! The lettuce is great, but the other plants are not doing well, because the soil never gets a chance to warm up during the day, since it’s also gone back to rain, rain, and more rain.

I know this is probably a result of global warming, but it’s awful hard to convince most people of global warming at all when they’re wearing sweaters and turning the heat on in late May!

What do you think?

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