Editing, Writing, and Proofing—Oh My!

Term-Paper-Under-Construction3I’ve been called upon to do one of my favorite things: proofread my daughter’s final papers for school. I really enjoy this. She’s a great writer already, so reading her papers is a pleasure, especially compared to the writing of other students, regardless of their level of education. I’ve honestly been quite surprised at the dismal writing that most students offer their professors.

Today, she is finishing a paper on gender roles and stereotypes as demonstrated in Junot DíazThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and Jhumpa Lahiri’s unaccustomed Earth, both of which I have read. (Great books! I was pleased with both, especially Oscar Wao, since I work with Hispanics.)

Sophia reads me sections of her paper and asks for advice about word choice (“Mom, what’s another way to say, ‘provocatively’?”) or phrasing (“I don’t like how this is worded. Can I say this a different way?”), though most of the time she’s right on the money. She writes thought-provoking papers that inevitably raise questions, and I like that.

5 thoughts on “Editing, Writing, and Proofing—Oh My!

  1. Oscar Wao is only of the best books I have read in a while! I minored in Latin American studies so I had some background on the historic context, but a friend of mine said that part was a little confusing for her. But the writing and characters are so modern and interesting I think anyone would love this read! Especially if you were ever a geek as a kid!

    Have you ever read Confederacy of Dunces? It’s another favorite, and there are some parallels between the two books, like disaffected outcast main characters, a blurring of the line between fiction and very slight amounts of magic realism, and a touch of intellectualism while being really down to earth and funny in a black humor sort of way.

    Wow, I came hear to read about homesteading and ended up talking books!

    • Yes, I have read A Confederacy of Dunces, and I think you’re right, there are some parallels in the main characters, as well as the other points you mention.

      And people think that homesteading is for dummies!

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