Making cupcakes

Cupcake BakerI bought Sophia, as a Christmas present, something called “The Original Cupcake Baker.” Today, Good Friday, we’re using it for the first time. We’re making the cupcakes for Easter, instead of Lamb Cake. I was tempted to put coconut on them, but Sophia says her boyfriend won’t eat them then (he hates coconut).

I was a little worried, because at Brett’s, they don’t have a cake rack, and I forgot to bring one. But lambcake5lofortunately, the small diameter of the mini cupcakes makes them less liable to sogginess. So far, they are quite yummy!

P.S. Update at 7:46 pm: 5 dozen cupcakes, and 2 dozen each of blueberry and cranberry orange muffins. Fits of Domesticity!

7 thoughts on “Making cupcakes

  1. funny! I think I saw that in her room. I like making real-ones and in large quantities. I was thinking of making some interesting colored ones to make up for not being able to find jelly beans at the store.

  2. I’m sure you did see it in her room. We brought it home for the weekend, but will probably not take it back, since it’s so close to the end of the semester. I’m really impressed at how well it works.

  3. I love mini cupcakes, I’m making some today. I have a kid that doesn’t like coconut (Unless it’s a freshly cracked open coconut, imagine that!) so only some will have the dyed green coconut and jellybeans…

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