Living the Laura Ingalls Life

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder used her experienc...

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Or trying to, at least. I was looking around my cluttered apartment this past week and figured, well, Laura Ingalls certainly NEVER had this much stuff. No wonder she got so much accomplished.

I usually re-read These Happy Golden Years at least once yearly, and I think it’s about time. It always puts me in the mood for getting things done. And there’s so much to do at this time of year. Anybody who thinks Christmas is the busy time of the year doesn’t know what country or farm life is like in the Spring.

But fortunately, today is Sunday and so I only have to “work” as a pianist.

4 thoughts on “Living the Laura Ingalls Life

  1. I am not sure that I would agree that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived so simply. Later in her marriage to Almanzo, after the period depicted in These Happy Golden Years, Laura took in boarders, served meals to railroad workers, cleaned and maintained a 10-room farmhouse, worked as a columnist and editor for the Missouri Realist, and was a loan officer for the local Farm Loan Association. So, while Wilder’s formative years coincided somewhat with transcendentalism and she may have been influenced by their works, her life does not appear to be patterned after the lives of Thoreau and the other transcendentalists.

    Nonetheless, I agree with the observation that this is busy time of year in rural communities. We’ve been planting a vegetable garden, sowing grass, spreading fertilizer and lime, transplanting trees and bulbs, clearing brushlines, and mulching.

    • Well, I never said that she lived a simple life, just that she didn’t have as many possessions. Frankly, anyone that thinks that a country life is intrinsically a simpler life has little understanding of what constitutes simplicity.

      I’m quite impressed with your knowledge of Laura Ingalls Wilder!

      I’d write more, but I have a chicken that’s clucking for attention.

  2. Gawwwk! I can’t believe that typo in the third sentence of the first paragraph. I meant to say “whereas” rather than “while”. I also can’t believe that I left out the “a” between “is” and “busy” in the first sentence of the second paragraph. Obviously, I need someone like Rose Wilder Lane to look over my prose!

  3. Cynthia,

    Thank you so much for putting a link of my blog on your site. I really appreciate the word of mouth support!

    I tend to compare my life to Laura’s all the time. Maybe it’s because my life is so full of technology that never encompassed Laura’s life, so while sometimes I romanticize farm life back then and think it was easier, maybe it just wasn’t so jumbled with the things that jumble my life…cell phones, Facebook, etc. Their form of entertainment was reading books and playing games so it feels like a simpler time, but really, life was not simple. They didn’t have our modern conveniences..i.e. dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

    So I guess “simpler” is relative. Anyways, I tend to think of Laura’s life in relation to mine a lot of wonder if sometimes I should turn off my cell phone, step away fromt eh computer and allow for simpler things to encompass my time. In the end, that might be a good thing for me.

    Anyways, again THANK YOU for supporting my blog. I REALLY appreciate it. I have a wonderful Sunday!


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