Need some sunshine!

Fourié - Madame Bovary 1 

Image via Wikipedia (Looks like Emma Bovary could use sunnier skies as well!)

I don’t know when it really started, but in the past few years I’ve noticed more and more that when the weather isn’t sunny, I’m a wreck. I’m sure it’s a combination of several things, but I really feel gloomy today, and, naturally, there’s no sun. It was sort of a tiny bit sunny yesterday, so I was okay. I’m not alone in this, I know. Everyone likes a sunny day.

It’s not that I don’t like rain. Actually, I enjoy rainy weather. And I like fog, too, unless I have to do a lot of driving in it. It’s just this sort of nondescript, blah, overcast, sunless day that wears on my spirit. Like a pair of baggy panty hose that I don’t feel comfortable throwing away because they don’t have a real hole, I put up with this weather, knowing that it will end, and there isn’t much to be done with it in the meantime.

The thing to do is look on the bright side. While there may not be any bright side to a pair of baggy hose, except 240px-Sunshine_at_Dunstanburghhaving another lady in the rest room chuckle with you as she notices you pulling them up yet again, I can do something when the weather is non-cooperative. I can read. (What I should do is clean the apartment, but that’s even more depressing to think about than bad weather. Ah, there’s a subject for another day…)

Of course, it all depends on what I decide to read. Being in a negative mood isn’t helped by Madame Bovary, or anything by Thomas Hardy. I’m scouring my shelves for something right now. Let’s see what I can find, and I’ll let you know when I write the next time! Yay! I feel better already!

7 thoughts on “Need some sunshine!

  1. Sounds like something related to seasonal affective disorder, in which case the symptoms may be relieved by artificial light therapy, ionized air, melatonin, or select anti-depressants. Note that artificial light therapy may be more effective if you use “full spectrum” bulbs that mimic sunlight (6000K) rather than “soft-white” (2700K) bulbs.

    • Yeah, it’s like I don’t even want to get out of bed if the sun’s not out. Well, maybe that’s not true, since I try to get up before the sun comes up. But if it’s just that gray-like overcast blah-ness out, I’d just as soon go back to bed.

  2. I like sunny days too. I also get gloomy when the weather isn’t nice, leading me to think that living in the NW might be hard on me. I love a good storm, especially one with lots of thunder but I think I prefer them at night. I also love a good summer shower that you can dance around in, that cools the air and the earth.
    Winter in WV tends to just be grey, misty and gloomy. It is miserable. I hate seeing the grey sky, even just a peek of blue makes my day 🙂

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