South Bend Microtel

Camera 3 April 2011 102Decided to hang with Sophia for an overnighter, and we decided to stay at the South Bend Microtel. Very cute room! You can see the window seat, and it was really large enough to sleep on, although I’m not sure that the cushion would be too comfortable as a bed.

All in all, quite nice and a great deal for the money. Breakfast is included, and their breakfast bar had a Belgian waffle maker! I’d never seen a self-serve one before and so that was something completely different—and so very tasty!

I don’t know what it is about staying in a hotel—maybe because I don’t do it very often. But it just seems fun, fun, fun. Maybe it’s because there’s a television! We watched Chelsea Lately! She’s. The. Naughtiest. Ever.

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3 thoughts on “South Bend Microtel

  1. I think that Chelsea’s books are much better than her live.
    We had a waffle maker at college. I joked with my mom about that being the only thing I learned how to do…

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