Cut my hair!!!

IMG_0202Not an April Fool’s Day surprise, but I did actually get a whopping six inches cut off my hair. Sophia had arranged for me to get a haircut at It’s All About You, a local salon. My lovely stylist asked about how much I’d like to get cut, and when I said four inches, she replied that if I cut six I could donate it for a wig for a child with cancer, so I did it! Yay!

Since this month’s theme for National Blog Posting Month is “Sprout,” I’m hoping my hair will grow back quickly, even though I don’t think it looks that much different!

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3 thoughts on “Cut my hair!!!

  1. Yay! My little girl donates her hair to locks of love. It gets cut as soon as it’s long enough to donate, she grows it out and does it again. ❤

    • My hair grows SOOOO slowly that I’ve always been reluctant in the past to do this. But now they have a program where instead of the ten inches required for an adult wig, you can give six for a child’s wig. That was something I could live with. The most astonishing thing about the whole hair cutting experience is that maybe only ONE person said anything. I thought it was almost like I’d gotten my head shaved and yet nobody hardly noticed AT ALL. Vanity, thy name is Cynthia!

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