Cell phone hatred, etc. etc.

Nothing like being on hold to provide some good posting time. I have been on hold for almost a half an hour with my provider (which shall remain unnamed) about a dumb payment posting. For some strange reason, all the payments for my daughter’s phone always go through, but the ones for me are a problem, even though we always use the same payment information.

What would be really cool is if there was a WordPress feature that would let me post from my mobile phone via SMS text message. I’d probably post every day if I could do that. Since our area doesn’t have good internet service (hey, half the county is Amish and they don’t even use phones), I can’t post like I used to. And I really miss is.

Hear that: I really miss posting! How I long for the days when I could post every day … oh, those were the glory days. I loved it.

On other fronts, I’ve been reading like a fiend. I haven’t read everything on my reading list, but I’m getting close. Of course, new books are always coming out (damn publishers <grin>), and I’m always reviewing.

2 thoughts on “Cell phone hatred, etc. etc.

  1. Text messages are a rip off. Did you know that the messages piggy back on information that is sent to your phone all the time anyways? So they cost them nothing…but you a bunch of money.

  2. I sympathize with your internet issues. At my former home, my only option was satellite broadband access at $50/month that was barely 3x faster than dialup. Speaking of dialup, is that an option for you? Another possibility is a smart phone and a cell phone plan that features cheap internet access. (Tethering would be a bonus.) Have you looked into the Sprint SERO program? I have no personal experience with that program – I am stuck with AT&T (iPhone 4g and iPad).

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