Flea spray, and ‘fridges and files, oh my!

Such a week, and it’s only Monday.

First of all, the cats have fleas, and  you can imagine what a pain that is. We don’t have a very large apartment, and if you have any idea how many books I have see my library at LibraryThing), you know that I don’t have a lot of room for much of anything except them. (I haven’t yet encroached on Sophia’s bedroom, much to her delight, but I’m considering it .) So I’ve had to do a lot of rearranging Hex Wrencheslately to spray for the fleas. Yesterday evening, I took the futon that’s our couch out  into the hallway and sprayed it, and of course discovered that there was a lot more stuff under the couch than I realized. Plus, the couch has this steel tube frame which is slowly breaking, and it needs to be re-welded. So, I decided to take it apart and jury-rig a new seating arrangement until I can find a wire welder to repair it. So I’m busy with my hex keys and adjustable wrench, and really getting the job done.

Of course, the morning that I decide to disassemble this couch is the morning that the maintenance man, Jim (who is really a great guy, just so you know), comes to the door with the announcement that he is ready to install my new refrigerator. I mean, I can’t even get the door open more than a foot.

“Jim, you guys were supposed to give me a couple days notice, so I could move things around!”
”Sorry,” he shrugs.
”Could we put it off until you’re here the next time?”
Well, that’ll be two weeks, since next Monday is a holiday.”

Yuck! The current fridge is useless. I make the snap decision.

”Well, can you give me a little while to get things around?”
”I can come back after dinner.”

And the race begins. I’ve basically got to rearrange the entire living room. I pick everything up and make these huge piles (hoping all the while that Juniper, the considerably more active of our two cats, doesn’t decide to jump (hence the name) on all of them for fun, because I don’t think they’re very stable. Then I have to move a bunch of stuff around in the kitchen, too. More piling.

More tomorrow, including pictures of the great antique chairs I dumpster-dived while Jim was installing the fridge!

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