I’m thinking about . . . learning to bellydance

GhawazeeThere’s something about bellydancing that has always fascinated me. I can’t describe it. The music is so hypnotic, the movements seem almost natural.

When thoughts like these come to me, it’s obvious that I was adopted, because there is certainly nothing in the background of my adoptive family that would ever lead me to consider such a direction. My parents liked to jitterbug and waltz—both of which I love, as well, having done ballroom dance for a while. Lots of fun, but not what I’d call really sensual. Of course, all dancing is inherently sensual (and sometimes sexual), but there are obviously some types of dancing that are more so than others.

As you can see from the lithographic reproduction above, I’m more into a traditional style of dance than something that requires my wearing a coin-encrusted bra. <grin> I’ve actaully been hearing how it’s a great form of exercise, and since I already find it appealing, I figured why not give it a whirl. Plus, I have lots of scarves and veils, and a generous selection of music. So we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.

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