Honestly, I’m not (always) like this!

I’ve been thinking. If you only knew me by reading my blog, you might think I was just a whiney complainer, who has no life outside of her very disorganized, book-filled house.

But that’s so not true. Most people who know me think that I’m a well-adjusted, well-read, intelligent, attractive women who is involved in community activities and church. I don’t know why this blog has sort of become a platform for my complaining about housework, but I think it needs to change.

Whiner-signSo, in keeping with the National Blog Posting Month theme of “Tomorrow” I will be starting tomorrow, to post more up-beat and fun entries. In other words, I’ll be a “winner,” not a “whiner.”

2 thoughts on “Honestly, I’m not (always) like this!

  1. Honestly, I don’t think your posts of late have come off sounding whiney, just perhaps preoccupied, as housecleaning has been the major focus of your time recently.

    You are a beautiful, amazing, accomplished woman and definitely a winner. And I’m not saying that just because I love you. But, of course, I do…!

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