Another day NOT going as planned, sort of…

So, this morning I get up at 6:15, which is okay, and finish re-reading (more like “re-skimming”) The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for the Second Saturday Book Club, which meets here at our local public library. I head out the door, and it’s cloudy out. Really cloudy. Rainy cloudy. I’m-wondering-if-I-should-take-an-umbrella cloudy. But, hey, I can park right in front of the building, so off I head.

I get there at 8:55, and so, with five minutes to spare, I naturally take out my knitting. And just two minutes later, it starts to rain. And rain. And rain. Like buckets dumping from the sky. The door opens, and in the time it takes me to run up to the door (not even fifty yards), I’m WET! I get inside, and I can’t even wipe off my glasses, because the hem of my dress is too wet. That’s when I find out that the club doesn’t begin until 11:00 this morning! So I’ve got two hours to kill, and I don’t have my jump drive with me, so I can’t update my sites on LibraryThing and Shelfari. It’s still coming down, so there’s no way I’m going home.

But I’m dry enough now to sit here, though, and do this. At least for a few more minutes.

Last night, I started reading A Week in October by Elizabeth Subercaseaux. It’s a review copy for me to review for LibraryThing. Very interesting, so far. I made myself stop after two chapters. Of course, I’m still not done with While Christ and His Saints Slept, and Am I a Normal Parent? and The Crystal Cave. Double-booked? And then some.

More later, maybe. Depends on the weather.

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